Offset printing is the perfect choice for larger circulations or projects that require “special” colors.

We print on all types of paper and cardboard up to 350 g / m2 in size up to 62 × 45 cm, so the possibilities are endless and the quality of the final product is exceptional. We only use quality paper and paint to achieve a quality result.

Offset printing is especially economical in larger quantities. The cost of the initial setup is higher than with digital printing, but once the thing is set up, the cost goes down.

Advantages of offset:

  • Speed
  • Larger batches
  • Large selection of materials and weights
  • Fantastic color reproductions
  • Possibility of special colors selection

Offset printing can be used to print self-adhesive labels, business cards, covers, envelopes, letters, invoices, delivery notes, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, posters, cards, magazines, invitations, pads with plain or carbonless paper, gift bags, or any packaging with a motif of the customer’s choice. All this can be done in one or more color techniques.